Working with Kate, will lead you on your ‘voyage’ of self discovery that will improve and develop any area of concern in your life, and more. Using a range of techniques and programs she will bring harmony and balance to business, work and life.

Individuals – Couples – Families – Corporate

People - Connected

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5 Love Languages

Drawing on the work from Gary Chapman, the 5 Love Languages  will help you to understand those around you more, whether it be your partner or your children, and help stop those arguments about who does the dishes!

Presented in a workshop, you will reveal your “love language” – one of 5 ways in which we give and prefer to receive love.

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Personality Profiling – MBTI®

All work, whether group or individual, is begun using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)  presentation and indicator to establish your natural personality preferences.

This tool will give you a life changing insight into yourself and how you function in the world in relation to relationships, work and play.

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Understanding interpersonal relationships is easy when a person understands himself or herself and the people that they motivate, manage, develop or help. Looking at one’s personality traits and temperament is the key to unlocking human qualities such as leadership, motivation and empathy.

Understanding personality temperaments is helpful for appreciating that while people are different, everyone has a value, special strengths and qualities.

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Kate can work with your team to help improve communication, enhance team problem solving, value diversity and provide a non judgmental way to approach team issues.

She will also assist each team member to understand their own type and how this impacts the team. Leading to a happier, more productive and more cohesive team.

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