For Teens

Using MBTI to support Teens to understand themselves.


Education about innate personality is important at all stages of life including the teenage years.

The MBTI can be a valuable resource for teenagers as they begin their journey of self-discovery and understanding of their “place in the world”.

Physical, emotional and hormonal changes can mean that the ‘teen years’ become weighed down with anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying issues and misunderstandings about other people.

Guidance during this time while they are finding out “who they are” is essential. Given the ‘tools’ to understand their innate strengths and gifts does not only help develop self-confidence but also allows them to understand the people who surround them. Knowing that people are different, not right or wrong, just different can be an enlightening experience for this age group. .

MBTI Instrument gives the individual valuable insights regarding their preferences or tendencies on four “either/or” personality dimensions.

1.What is the focus and direction of their personal energy?

Introversion or Extraversion

How does this affect their study, friendship groups, the way that they like to be taught?

  1. How do they prefer to gather information?

Details and facts  or   Big picture, theories and imagination.

How does this affect their learning style, the way that they view the world and how suited are they to different tasks.

  1. How do they prefer to make decisions?

Using their Thinking or Feeling in decision-making.

How does this affect the language that they use or affect the way they interpret or misinterpret other people’s language?

  1. How much structure or flexibility do they need in the outer world?

Judging: Are they naturally organised and planned and prefer order and structure? (Yes, there are teens like this beneath the “teen untidiness”).


Perceiving: Flexible, adapting easily to change, spontaneous and easy going.


The results of the Myers Briggs Instrument will indicate each individual’s preference and unique gifts while also pointing out vulnerabilities and areas for personal development. These will be identified and discussed and techniques will be used to teach strategies to manage stresses and build on strengths.


*It is recommended that parents also know and understand their MBTI profile in order to facilitate even more successful communication with their teen.