For Teachers

How to engage your students more effectively

Teachers be aware… Not all students are the same, different personality types learn differently!

Students have a variety of learning styles; they prefer to focus on diverse types of information, they operate on this perceived information in a range of ways to achieve understanding. The match or mismatch between the approach that teachers teach and the way that students gain knowledge has important ramifications for levels of student learning and satisfaction.

This workshop will show you how to understand yourself as a teacher and in turn educate you further, to achieve a greater awareness of the different needs of the individual students in your classroom. It will help you to “select relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving, critical and creative thinking” for the developing learners in your class. (Australian Professional Standards for Teachers)

Participants of this workshop will receive a textbook ‘You’ve Got Personality’ (RRP $26) plus a Certificate of completion that will meet the criteria of the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers met by MBTI Professional Development workshop, for more information on how this workshop can benefit your personal development please get in touch with Kate for future dates or 1:1 sessions



Australian Professional Standards for Teachers met by MBTI Professional Development workshop.

Teachers will develop their Professional Knowledge as follows: 

  1. Know students and how they learn.

Teachers will have developed an understanding of children’s communication styles, the way they view their environment, how they make rational decisions and how they structure their world.

2.Know the content and how to teach   it.

Teachers will increase their self-awareness and understand that their teaching style may differ from their students. In order to engage the students more effectively they gain the knowledge about how to adapt to different types of children’s learning needs and style.

This can be done by

  1. Adjusting language
  2. Accepting and encouraging different styles of study habits.
  3. Understanding different learning needs for Extraverted/Introverted students.
  1. Effective teaching and learning

Teachers will…

  1. Develop the capacity to constructively include the knowledge of different personality types into the work that they teach in the classroom.
  2. Up skill their ability to create a range of different approaches for the introduction of work according to the children’s individual personality needs.
  3. Enable different communication styles according to each child’s preference, to ensure that optimum learning takes place.
  4. Extend the children’s less preferred functions in a supportive understanding environment whilst supporting their natural preferences and allowing them to work at their own pace and style of learning.
  1. Professional Practice

This workshop will enable teachers to…

  1. Create a classroom environment where children work using their preferred personality style and different ideas and communication styles are understood and embraced.
  2. Assess the child’s needs and areas of development and expand the student’s knowledge and learning using their knowledge of personality differences.
  3. Use the knowledge of the MBTI 4 dichotomies to report on and understand the child’s progress.
  1. Professional engagement

The teacher will be able to use the psychological tool MBTI to…

  1. Further their understanding of students and the staff that they work with.
  2. Enable them to be able to share the knowledge of type and its benefits with students, staff and the wider community.
  3. Increase their respect and understanding of other people’s perceptions and points of view.