Kate is an International Key Note Speaker, qualified teacher, MBTI presenter and life coach.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kate Mason has been a successful business woman for over 25 years. She has experience of diverse sectors such as teaching, food, clothing and fitness. Kate is a partner/shareholder in five indoor swim schools in South Australia and a further two in Sydney.

Kate is also trained in personality profiling and is highly experienced in the understanding of personality and performance. When she isn’t busy trying to work out her own family and friends, she is assisting business, workplaces and individuals discover the impact that innate personality type and temperament play in their relationships.

In doing so helping people create richer, happier, successful lives in all areas personal, friendships, work and business.

Using facts, fun and humour Kate will help you find out why you are not always right!  Well, at least help you understand why everyone else is wrong! Kate will show you how to communicate successfully with everyone in your life.

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Kate Mason

“Creating relationship balance and harmony in business, work and life.”Kate Mason