Kate Mason is ‘Australia’s personality coach’. An International keynote speaker, presenter and coach, she is passionate about people understanding their personalities in order to gain resilience and confidence. She believes that once you know who you are, you can connect with everyone in life.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kate Mason has been a successful business woman for over 30 years and is an owner of SA State Swim. A former teacher, she is also trained in personality profiling and is an expert in the understanding of how personality affects lifestyles and relationships. She assists businesses, workplaces, and individuals to discover the impact that innate personality type and temperament play in their relationships. In doing so, Kate assists people in creating richer, happier, successful lives in all areas, personal, friendships, work and business.
Author of ‘Who is this Monster (or Treasure) in my House’, Kate is passionate about helping partners and parents to build understanding, resilience and happiness in their family relationships. Her purpose is to help today’s parents and children cope with the changes that social media and electronic devices have brought to family life and parenting. These ‘new’ ways of communicating have cut off our basic human need for person to person interaction. Her aspiration is to give people the skills to bring back a sense of true communication, understanding and love in a world where people have never had so many friends and yet felt so alone.
Using real life examples, facts, fun and humour, Kate will show you how to communicate successfully with everyone in your life.

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Kate Mason

“Creating relationship balance and harmony in business, work and life.”Kate Mason