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Have you ever travelled with people and vowed that you will never do so again!

So have I!

What I have worked out is that people have very different personalities and travelling in close quarters can bring these differences to a head.

Part of our personality type is the area of how we structure our world. This usually divides people into two camps of preference.

The Perceiving types (P’s) who love to leave things unstructured, look at as many options as possible, make last minute decisions and happy to change plans at any time. They are happy to book things at the last minute, they don’t need to plan activities they go, with “we’ll see what we want to do when we are there”. I am a Perceiving type (P), so is my travel agent, she sends me the widest variety of hotels that she can find, we spend weeks discarding some, introducing more and then sometimes I decide and book my hotel just as I am about to get on the plane to that destination. Oh the thrill of the last minute decision-making. Luggage is often flung in the suitcase without much consideration of packing or where and when things will be worn.

Then there are the Judging types (J’s) they need to schedule things in advance. They love diaries, timetables and planning. They do not need a wide variety of options or a long period of time to make a decision. 3 or 4 choices are usually adequate. They usually want to know and book all travel arrangements, outings or sightseeing trips well before leaving. In fact if possible a year! They find it hard to change plans that have been made and become upset or frustrated if this is the case. They feel more comfortable knowing that all is in place. If you are sharing accommodation with them everything will be tidy and in its place. Luggage will usually be neatly and efficiently packed. Outfits will for some have been planned and packed accordingly so that things mix and match appropriately.

So when my Judging son and his equally J friends were booking a trip this year, I used my travel agent to find their accommodation. They found her 10 or so choices overwhelming and frustrating and my son told me later that 3 choices would have been so much easier. However, these young men were in such a hurry to book and get things organised 6 months out with their flights that they missed out on specials that came out a month later which would have reducing their flight payments by $700. “Too bad “said I, a serial late booker, “sometimes wait and see is a virtue!”

When we are travelling as a family we have to take in to account to different types of getting ready and planning for our trip.

My perceiving travel stories such as booking on the day we fly out bring shiver of horror to my J friends who do actually book their flights and accommodation a year out and plan every minute of their trip, tours, bike rides… everything!

Oh my goodness how can people know what they want so far in advance. There are so many choices and we don’t need to make them straight away.

For a Perceiving person going on holiday with a J has its stresses and its joys. My family are all P types except for my son. Each evening the question arises “what are we doing tomorrow” Really do we have to plan every minute? Well obviously “yes” we do. We make a plan and then if we want change it we are met with great resentment and annoyance. We are not allowed to do so ‘plans are made to go through with not to ignore and dismiss at a whim! Darn it tied in we are! If anything new is put in the schedule its reason for bring added is questioned and often a time frame is put on it! For example, “if we are going to put shopping into the schedule,  you can go into five shops with a maximum of 10 minutes in each!” Whoa, bring on the shopping police. However the J is very useful for checking plane schedules and noticing that the flight actually was not for the next morning but the day after. Always a good find, I told my children they were so lucky to have an extra day in that city! My son has also picked up forgotten bags and jackets in various airports, which really has been lifesaving as it saved many a trip to lost property.

Knowing and understanding each other’s personality type brings with it the ability see where the other person is coming from. When you can do this you can negotiate successfully with each other and holiday in harmony and goodwill.


Please remember that these examples are based on the generalities of Type broken down which does not tell the story of a full type profile which impacts the personality type to a much greater degree.

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